A full service video production company providing any and all video services imaginable including High Definition.


We specialze in gathering video at a moments notice for any occassion.


We have High Definition Non-Linear Editing facilities for editing everything from the simple to the most complex video production.


DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring

We have DVD and Blu-Ray High Definition authoring and duplication capabilities to get your video out to the masses.


We can get your video formatted to publish to YouTube or your website.


We can provide assistance and consultation for ANY video question or need from “old school” videotape to DVDs to web based video for your website.


Quite simply we have resources for any video production you need from the most basic and up.  If it's not in our toolbox...we'll get it.

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Video Production Services

These are the services ChrisVideo can provide.


High Definition, Award Winning, Creative, 1 camera or many.


Let us shoot your video or bring us video you shot. 

We we can edit it to your exacting specifications. 

From a simple to effects filled, whatever you need.

Output to your format of choice.

Web Video

Everybody needs a web video. 

We can make sure yours looks good there.


Get your video onto a DVD with menus like a Hollywood Blockbuster.

Or just get a simple DVD with a video and no menu.

Whatever you need.


Share your DVD with the world.

We can make as many copies as you need.

Package Specialty Services

Product/Service Videos

If you have a product or a service you need a video.  

Every company must have a video presence on the web.

Prices starting at $500 get your video on your website.

Ask Chris about getting a finder’s fee!  I’ll pay YOU!

Event Video

Do you have an event like a sporting event or graduation that needs to be documented on video.  Call ChrisVideo to find out how you can get this service.

Marching Band Videos

Chris lines up 10 to 12 Marching Band Competitions each fall to provide videos for the bands.  DVDs of each band are made available at the Competition about 15 minutes after each class of bands performs.  See the Band page for more information

Athletic Recruiting Video

Do you have a high school athlete in the family and you need to get a video together to send to college recruiters.  The Athletes that use ChrisVideo for their recruiting video have historically gotten calls from college coaches.

Call or Email ChrisVideo for more information.